Five Tips to Destress

As a stay at home mom of a toddler and  teenager life can be very hectic. Each day is often filled with daily surprises of tantrums and messes that make life never boring. Although,  in those rare occasions that I do get a quiet moment I take time to revel in it.

All mothers know are sweet little bundles of joy can also be our great source of stress often driving us crazy. Our kids constant crying, whining, and bickering can test the patients of the most saintly person. Therefore, in order for any mom to stay sane, she must find moments to distress. So, here are five simple tips to take back your sanity and find your Zen.

1. Find your most comfortable spot and listen to spa music allowing yourself to drift off.
2. Take a warm bubble bath, add some candles and soft music, you can soak your cares away.
3. Take time to read a novel or watch your favorite program while indulging in a few chocolates.
4. Change your routine , I suggest  stroll to a nearby coffee shop and grab your favorite latte.
5. If all else fails take time to pick up the phone and vent to a friend.


One thought on “Five Tips to Destress

  1. Great tips! I like to close my eyes and slowly take a deep breath through my nose (making sure to fill my lungs as much as possible) and exhale through my mouth. I do this about 5 times and when done right, I feel a relaxing tingle in my shoulders.

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