Five Easy Tips That Can Make Your Family Car Trip Go Smoother

It is that time of year for that age old honored tradition, the family vacation. Many of us growing up remember being piled into the backseat of the family car, riding for six plus hours to our destination, then just to do it all over again. As a parent the long drive to get to that amusement park or to the beach can be the most daunting task that can turn any family vacation into a disaster or does it have to be. Here are five tips that can help you on your next road trip making it a less stressful ride.

1. Plan ahead, prior to your trip prepare for any problems or situations that could arise. For my family that means going through the medicine cabinet and making sure to prepare for any ailments that can and often dose occur while on the road.
2. Prepare snacks and sandwiches to take in a cooler with you while on the road. This replaces unnecessary stops at fast food restaurants with a healthier alternative.
3. If traveling with smaller children try to make more stops to allow them to burn off that extra energy. Last thing you want is a fussy toddler in the backseat for the next six hours of a trip. Some rest stops have picnic areas and places to play so take advantage when you can.
4. Prepare activities for your kids so they have something to do while riding in the car. For my family its movies and electronic games but it can also be coloring books and crayons.
5. Try not to rush getting on the road, I know that sounds crazy, if you take your time and allow your children to keep their morning routine and play before having to climb into the car they may sleep for the first few miles.